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The NVI Hydrogen Generator is a device designed to save fuel, improve engine performance and provide a"green" alternative to conventional fuels like gasoline, ethanol and diesel. Also known as a Hydrogen Cell, the Generator provides better mileage which, in turn, saves gas or other fuel alternatives, while it improves engine efficiency and lengthens engine life. Anyone interested in saving money over the long haul, definitely needs the help a Hydrogen Generator can provide.Operating on the electricity provided by your vehicle's alternator, the unit actually provides "Brown's Gas," a combination of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor, that is inhaled by an engine's intake system resulting in substantial cost and fuel savings through improved engine efficiency. Save gas cost, save mileage and provide "green fuel" to help save the environment. It's a "Win, Win" situation for everyone concerned.



Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I purchased your hydrogen generator one month ago and had it installed on my 2001Chrysler Town and Country mini-van, which currently has 137,000 miles on the original engine. Because of insufficient space under the hood, the hydrogen generator is mounted unobtrusively in the trunk area behind the third row of seats. Since its installation I have driven over 700 miles with the generator operating, and have kept careful records of the vehicles fuel mileage, both with and without the generator, operating under similar driving conditions. With the amperage between 5 and 15 and with the air conditioning running constantly, I have consistently averaged 23-25 miles per gallon with 20% city and 80% highway driving. Compared to my previous average of 18-19 miles per gallon without the generator, under nearly identical driving conditions, this represents a conservative 20-30% increase in fuel mileage, and with each fill-up (every 150 miles or so) the mileage has been increasing slightly. I consider it a bonus that your unit has also resulted in cleaner exhaust and more "pep", and will likely enhance the longevity of my vehicle. I use approximately 4 oz. (1/2 cup) of distilled water every 100 miles. Since I drive about 2,000 miles per month, I estimate my fuel savings at about $750 over the next year, not to mention the improvement in engine performance. My friends with their gas-guzzling SUVs could have the unit pay for itself in less than a year in fuel cost savings if they install one of your units. I am recommending it to everyone I know.

Bruce Palmer

Mobile, AL

P.S. You may feel free to use my testimonial on your webpage.

San Francisco Chronicle


Friday, January 5, 2007

Hydrogen hybrid

Editor -- I was interested in reading your front-page story on the hydrogen car ("A peek under the floorboard of a fuel cell car,'' Jan. 2).It was especially timely for me, as I have just returned from a trip to Fresno in my 1984 Mercedes 300D turbo diesel/hydrogen hybrid. A simple, inexpensive add-on hydrogen generator from a Bay Area inventor gave me about 40 percent more mpg of diesel and equally reduced emissions, while only burning about 3 cups of tap water. With the addition of hydrogen through the air filter, the car's performance was enhanced from what was a vibrating slug at 65 mph to a smooth and zippy, cruiser at 75 mph.

It's wonderful to know that the car companies are spending billions of dollars researching hydrogen cells, but for those who aren't willing to wait 10 years, there are technologies available today. This summer, when fuel prices hit $3 per gallon, I will effectively be spending $1.80 per gallon.




Thursday, March 8, 2007

I bought a Hydrogen Generator for my Ford F350 and now get 11 MPG while pulling a large load.
Before, the best I could do was 8 MPG. When the generator isnt running, I have a significant power
loss. Ive driven 3,000 miles since installing the generator with no problems.


My Dodge Quad Cab with a 4.5 liter engine, only got about 14 MPG in the city and after putting in
one of NVIs Hydrogen Generators, the mileage went up to 17.5 MPG. Also, on the road, I can
drive 70 miles per hour and get 20 MPG. The unit only uses a couple of cups of distilled water
every 300 miles and my truck has a huge power increase when the generator is turned on.


Im getting a 20 percent improvement in gas mileage on my 1996 Lexus V-8 and it runs like its brand new.


My 1999 Kia drives like a sport car and even idles smoothly, since I got the Hydrogen Generator.
The mileage improved from 22 MPG in the city to 30 MPG using distilled water. I love driving my car
again, its not tired anymore.



Last Updated: January 5, 2007