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The NVI Hydrogen Generator is a device designed to save fuel, improve engine performance and provide a "green" alternative to conventional fuels like gasoline, ethanol and diesel. Also known as a Hydrogen Cell, the Generator provides better mileage which, in turn, saves gas or other fuel alternatives, while it improves engine efficiency and lengthens engine life. Anyone interested in saving money over the long haul, definitely needs the help a Hydrogen Generator can provide. Operating on the electricity provided by your vehicle's alternator, the unit actually provides "brown's gas," a combination of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor, that is inhaled by an engine's intake system resulting in substantial cost and fuel savings through improved engine efficiency. Save gas cost, save mileage and provide "green fuel" to help save the environment. It's a "Win, Win" situation for everyone concerned.

Products & Services

Vapor Generator Steam On Demand

NVI's incredibly powerful Vapor Generator is shown below in recent photographs. This particular configuration operates on 6/10ths of a gallon of propane per hour to turn 1 gallon of water per minute into steam. The result is an amazing 900,000 BTUs. The electrical requirement for unit instrumentation is 115 VAC, 7 AMPS.

Vapor Generators are available for purchase from NVI starting at about $16,000 but, due to the special nature, multiple uses and custom fabrication requirements inherent in these devices, they can only be purchased by calling the company direct. Phone 925-980-7341 for a quote.

The NVI Vapor Generator is being considered and tested for such diverse applications as oil well secondary recovery, large building heating, electricity generation and plant emergency power.

Vapor Generator Control Panel

The Vapor Generator Control Panel contains the following indicators and control modules: System On/Off Switch, Control Power light, High Temperature Alarm light, Air Compressor/Water Pump light, LPG Gas Valve light, Flame Sensor light, Vapor Temperature display, Water Temperature display.

Vapor Generator Front View
Vapor Generator Front View

Vapor Generator Rear View
Vapor Generator Rear View showing the steam outlet.

Vapor Generator Side View
Vapor Generator Side View showing water and LPG inlet connections with on/off valves and pressure guages for each.


Last Updated: November 23, 2008