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August 5, 2011

Anderson Marketing Research, Inc. (AMRI), a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise / California Small Business Certified Company (#1628540), is the marketing arm of National Vapor Industries, Inc. (NVI). NVI’s California Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise number is #47858.

NVI manufacturers Hydrogen Generator systems used to reduce pollution, improve vehicle mileage, horsepower and torque while lengthening internal combustion engine life. AMRI is seeking a participating Northern California partner / company willing to help demonstrate the effectiveness of Hydrogen Generator systems.

We propose to install, maintain, certify, and document the progress / results of units installed on multiple combustion engine platforms, specifically, units installed on trucks, autos, electrical generators and water pumps.

Engine data will be collected and recorded on a spreadsheet included as part of the NVI website. Data will include, emission levels, run times, mileage and maintenance procedures that will prove or disprove system efficacy.

The number of installed generators should be a minimum of 20 units, the aggregate of which will include a mix of engine sizes, both gas and diesel. In order to determine the effect of installing generators, an efficiency starting point must be documented before each unit is installed.

The cost of this venture for a participating company or public entity, will be $4,500.00 per month. That figure, to be billed each month in advance, will include all costs involved for NVI to install and maintain 20 units. The only addition to the cost of the program, for a participating enterprise, will be the cost of emission level tests performed monthly for each installed unit by a third party.

Either party can terminate the program with 30 days notice after the initial six month program period. The program can be extended pending a signed agreement by AMRI and the participating enterprise.

After the program period, the installed units will be the property of the partnering organization and, at that time, Anderson Marketing Research, Inc. will offer a reasonable continuing maintenance agreement.

Please contact: David Jewell – AMRI President, at 925-980-7341 for more information.

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