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March 20, 2011

As part of the company's comprehensive research effort, a new product has been born that will revolutionize the application of Hydrogen to diverse systems including hydrocarbon powered generators, large industrial equipment, pumping systems, etc.

National Vapor CEO David Jewell said the new units will generate large quantities of "Brown's Gas" (the product of electrolysis, consisting of Hydrogen, Oxygen and some water vapor) that can be injected into the fuel intake systems of large industrial applications. The new units use only drinking water as the "Brown's Gas" source.

The goal is to produce inexpensive, renewable energy that saves the environment by significantly reducing pollution while also reducing the use of imported oil, along with other hydrocarbon fuels...certainly a worthy objective now that global warming has been confirmed by most credible scientists around the world.

Two views of one of the new units are shown below.

H Assist Equipment
H Assist Equipment
The photos above show the insides of the new "Brown's Gas"
generating units. Three large Hydorgen Generators
contribute gas to the Assist System. Each unit is amperage
controlled and self-filling from a common reservoir.
Power to run the Assist System is provided by house current.

Units are available for lease by calling (925) 980-7341

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