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The NVI Hydrogen Generator is a device designed to save fuel, improve engine performance and provide a"green" alternative to conventional fuels like gasoline, ethanol and diesel. Also known as a Hydrogen Cell, the Generator provides better mileage which, in turn, saves gas or other fuel alternatives, while it improves engine efficiency and lengthens engine life. Anyone interested in saving money over the long haul, definitely needs the help a Hydrogen Generator can provide.Operating on the electricity provided by your vehicle's alternator, the unit actually provides "Brown's Gas," a combination of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor, that is inhaled by an engine's intake system resulting in substantial cost and fuel savings through improved engine efficiency. Save gas cost, save mileage and provide "green fuel" to help save the environment. It's a "Win, Win" situation for everyone concerned.


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  • Q: How can my engine power the HYDROGEN GENERATOR & still get lots more mileage?

  • Q: Is the HYDROGEN GENERATOR really safe?

  • Q: My car doesn't have any space. Where can I put a HYDROGEN GENERATOR?

  • Q: Can I sell HYDROGEN GENERATORS on my own?

  • Q: Will NVI use different marketing strategies to sell HYDROGEN GENERATORS ?

  • Q: How long has NVI been sellingHYDROGEN GENERATORS?

  • Q: How can I be sure a GENERATOR won't harm my vehicle?

  • Q: Can fleet owners purchase GENERATORS at a discount?

  • Q: Why do GENERATORS cost so much?

  • Q: Will adding a GENERATOR void my vehicle warranty?

  • Q: Can I add chemicals to produce more hydrogen?

  • Q: Why do you recommend bottled mineral and drinking water? They're expensive!

  • Q: Why does it take so long to electrolyze a liter of water?

  • Q: Doesn't a Generator need to be protected from freezing during the winter?

  • Q: How many amps should the GENERATOR draw? My unit has blown a fuse.

  • Q: My unit is putting out a lot fewer amps than it used to. What's wrong and how do I get it back to putting out 10 or 15 amps again?

  • Q: How is it possible that my present engine will power the HYDROGEN GENERATOR and still get such an incredible improvement in gas mileage? Isnít that against a law of physics that states you canít get more energy out of something than you put in?

    ANSWER: Your internal combustion engine's efficiency will be dramatically improved with the introduction of HYDROGEN gas. You see, the engine alternator keeps turning whether or not the engine and battery use all of the electricity it produces. Energy is wasted constantly turning the alternator that is captured to power the HYDROGEN GENERATOR which, in turn, produces HYDROGEN AND OXYGEN GASES used to improve combustion.The way modern engines work, powering the HYDROGENGENERATOR is virtually a FREBEE!

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  • Q: Is the HYDROGENGENERATOR safe?Isnít HYDROGEN a highly combustible,volatile gas?

    ANSWER: It's absolutely safe and HYDROGEN is not as dangerous as gasoline. In the HYDROGEN GENERATOR itís not under tremendous pressure in a tank thatís likely to rupture and then explode during a collision.
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  • Q: My car doesn't have any space under the hood. How can I install a HYDROGEN GENERATOR in my car?

    ANSWER: There is always some place a unit can be installed. For instance, the Ford Focus has no room under the hood, either, but a unit can be (and has been) installed outside of and below the engine compartment, in front of the right wheel well. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to find a location.
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  • Q: Would it be possible for me to sell these HYDROGEN GENERATORS on my own?

    ANSWER: Possibly, you could sell units on a distributor basis. Call Sales at 925-980-7341 to find out if this option is available.
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  • Q: Is there any possibility NVI might sell its HYDROGEN GENERATORS any other way besides direct marketing by the company or its distributors?

    ANSWER: There are no plans to market product in any other way.
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  • Q: How long has NVI been selling HYDROGEN GENERATORS?

    ANSWER: Marketing efforts are many years old. This Web site was initiated in October, 2006 and is constantly being updated. Testimonials are being added to this Web site even now.
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  • Q: I know you have said HYDROGEN GENERATORS won't harm my vehicle(s) but how can I be sure?

    ANSWER: The proof is in the technology. As long as no harsh chemicals are added to Generator units, nothing but water can possible result from the process of electrolysis. After combustion, that water is expelled in a vehicle's engine exhaust as harmless steam. Users are cautioned not to add lye or any other harmful electrolytic substance to Generators - that's why only bottled drinking water is recommended.
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  • Q: Can fleet owners purchase HYDROGEN GENERATORS at fleet discount prices?

    ANSWER: Yes. Depending upon the number of units purchased, production economies of scale can reduce the cost per unit. Fleet owners are encouraged to call our office (see the "Contact Us" Web page).
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  • Q: Why do your HYDROGEN GENERATORS cost so much?

    ANSWER: Actually, for what they accomplish, they are relatively inexpensive. Like any other product, the initial cost depends on labor, materials, fixed overhead, etc. But, unlike other expenditures (new TV or gaming system, for instance), this one pays you back by saving money normally spent on your regular fuel and helps improve global warmning, as well.

    ANSWER NUMBER 2: And don't forget the fact that your initial expense to obtain a HYDROGEN GENERATOR may be partially or perhaps even completely offset by a reduction in your tax burden. Check out http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8911.pdf

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  • Q: If I install a HYDROGEN GENERATOR will it void the warranty on my car?

    ANSWER: No. The addition of a HYDROGEN GENERATOR should be treated like any other after-market add-on that actually reduces harmful emissions. Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) enacted in 1975. For best results, consider working with performance-oriented dealerships with a proven history of working with customers. If your vehicle manufacturer fails to honor emission/warranty claims, contact EPA at (202) 260-2080 or www.epa.gov. If federal warranty protection is denied, contact the FTC at (202) 326-3128 or www.ftc.gov.
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  • Q: Why can't I add chemicals to a Generator that will make it produce more hydrogen?

    ANSWER: Adding lye or other electrolytic substances will void the warranty, eventually destroy the unit and may even harm your engine. The unit is designed to use only water with very low mineral content. Follow the installation instructions for best results.
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  • Q: Bottled water has to be purchased. Why do you recommend it?

    ANSWER: Tests have shown that some mineral water is the best electrolytic medium. It is very inexpensive and works just fine to keep the amperage under 15 amps. Again, follow the installation instructions for best results.
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  • Q: It seems like the Generator takes a long time to use up a liter of water. Why is that?

    ANSWER: Water is actually an extremely concentrated form of hydrogen and oxygen gases. A liter of water at sea level will produce an enormous amount of both gases when the two are separated by electrolysis. Don't worry, using NVI technology, a small amount of water can produce lots of gas.
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  • Q: Doesn't a HYDROGENGENERATOR need to be protected from freezing during the winter?

    ANSWER: Absolutely! A Generator should have a 20% denatured alcohol solution in order to keep it healthy during freezing weather. See the "Installation" page of this Web site for more details.
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  • Q: How many amps should my HYDROGENGENERATOR draw? My unit has blown a fuse.

    ANSWER: Your unit should draw under 15 amps - that's the design parameter and the top operating amp level you should allow. If your unit is blowing fuses, it may mean you have added water with too much mineral content. If this occurs, drain the unit and refill with bottled water recommended in the Installation Instructions. Sometimes a bit of experimentation is required before you find water quality that will keep your unit operating under 15 amps.

    A Pulse Wave Modulator is an accessory that will provide accurate control of amperage used by Hydrogen Generators. Users can simply dial in the amperage they want to use. These units are now available for purchase. Call Sales at 925-980-7341.
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  • Q: My unit is putting out a lot fewer amps than it used to. What's wrong and how do I get it back to putting out closer to 15 amps again?

    ANSWER: Your unit may be building up iron oxide in the tank that can interfere with production. Drain the unit then flush and drain it again using distilled water. Refill the unit with Aquafina Fresh Drinking Water with 1/4 bottle S. Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water. That should solve the problem.
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Last Updated: April 28, 2008