Thu, 27 Dec 2007, 1:23 P.M.

Bloomington, California -- As we reported earlier on this Web site, older polluting diesel trucks will be banned from operating in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, beginning October 1, 2008. The ban is progressive and will begin with the oldest trucks first.

How long will it be before the State of California and other political jurisdictions follow suit and ban gross polluting diesel trucks from our highways? That's a question one trucker named Jim Woodall decided to do something about.

Woodall drives a 1999 Ford truck with a Caterpillar 3406E engine rated at 550 horsepower when it came from the factory. He has driven his truck roughly 750,000 miles and the worn engine created lots of smoke.

But that was before Jim installed a National Vapor Industries (NVI) Big-rig Hydrogen Generator last August as soon as he heard they were on the market. Prior to that, he had his truck's smoke opacity tested at the Trans-West Ford Truck Center. His unit was smoking to the tune of 57.1% opacity, well above the opacity goal of 40%.

A subsequent test performed in Bloomington, CA soon after the Hydrogen Generator was installed, resulted in a reading of 41.5%, a nice 27 percent improvement.

Now, fast forward 90 days after the NVI Generator installation. Jim's truck was tested again and the engine particulate matter opacity averaged 3.5%, an absolutely astounding improvement (see image of actual test document below). Jim was jumping for joy.

Truck Test Proof

But this story isn't over yet. Woodall was so impressed with the results obtained that he just couldn't believe it. He had his truck tested 7 times by the Federal Air Resources Board and 3 times by the California Air Resources Board. The Fed tests came out 4.8% particulate opacity on average and the California tests were even more impressive - 3.5% on average. Woodall said his truck no longer smokes.

NVI president, David Jewell, said even he was surprised at the incredible results for Woodall's truck, "We knew from our factory testing that emission results would be impressive but Jim's experience actually exceeded our espectations. Jim obviously did everything right, broke in the unit properly and is running it according to our specifications."

Jewell said NVI can't guarantee everyone will get the same spectacular results from a Hydrogen Generator installation that Woodall got but, he is confident these units will perform extremely well under all kinds of driving conditions and with all big-rig diesel engines, regardless of make.

Jewell isn't ready to disclose Woodall's mileage improvement figures just yet, "We know Jim got some serious mileage improvement after installing the Generator," Jewell said, "But we don't have enough definitive documentation to release an official statement. That will come in the near future." Unofficially, Woodall is telling everyone his truck is getting somewhere between 15 and 20% better mileage, an improvement that, over time, means tens of thousands of dollars in fuel savings Woodall can keep in his pocket.

But perhaps an equally impressive benefit of Hydrogen Generator installation, is the fact that older trucks, equipped with mandated particulate filters, can further increase power, clean out engine deposits and extend oil changes due to cleaner burning fuel - a really huge additional savings.

Jewell can be reached at (925) 980-7341.

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