Generator Installation and Refuse Truck
Generator InstallationRefuse Truck

An Analysis of Findings by David Jewell - NVI President and CEO
March 18, 2014.

National Vapor Industries, Inc. (NVI) conducted a demonstration for Alameda County Industries, Inc. (ACI) San Leandro, California that began on Friday, July 20, 2013 and ended on December 15, 2013. The demonstration consisted of using Hydrogen generator combustion assist technology on one (PNG) Pressurized Natural Gas truck, that performed daily home refuse pick up, and one Diesel 80,000 lb. truck that took refuse from San Leandro to Livermore, California, about 30 miles per trip. Both trucks ran about 8 hours per day, varying on demand.

Demonstration maintenance consisted of refreshing a gallon of distilled water in each generator unit per week. Both units were drained once and a 20 amp controller was added after the first month of operation. After this addition, both units performed at 20 amps continuously.

Results: PNG - There was no measurable mileage improvement, based on accounting records, in the PNG truck. Performance was the same and there was no emission data available on the PNG truck. Diesel - This truck had a small improvement in mileage, based on accounting records. The driver reported much higher performance. Initial emission data, using no Hydrogen assist, measured 35.5 to 32.3. Tests done in December, using Hydrogen assist, measured .02 to .01 K (1/m). Note: When the initial test was done, there may have been cracks in the diesel emissions filter which could have affected the data one way or the other.

All test data is available on request and comments, suggestions, etc. are always welcome.

Co-operation with NVI from ACI, during the demonstration, was absolutely beyond compare. Co-operation extended from management to mechanics and drivers. NVI thanks these people for their professionalism, courtesy and friendship.

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