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The NVI Hydrogen Generator is a device designed to save fuel, improve engine performance and provide a"green" alternative to conventional fuels like gasoline, ethanol and diesel. Also known as a Hydrogen Cell, the Generator provides better mileage which, in turn, saves gas or other fuel alternatives, while it improves engine efficiency and lengthens engine life. Anyone interested in saving money over the long haul, definitely needs the help a Hydrogen Generator can provide.Operating on the electricity provided by your vehicle's alternator, the unit actually provides "Brown's Gas," a combination of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor, that is inhaled by an engine's intake system resulting in substantial cost and fuel savings through improved engine efficiency. Save gas cost, save mileage and provide "green fuel" to help save the environment. It's a "Win, Win" situation for everyone concerned.


Fuel of the future available now

While California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger waits with bated breath for automobile manufacturers to produce hydrogen-fueled vehicles, his vision of the “Hydrogen Highway” sits on the back burner. How many years it will take before hydrogen cars are ready for mass production, is anybody’s guess. But a local entrepreneur is actually doing something about this issue and has teamed up with an inventor in Wellington, NV to produce and market a Hydrogen Generator add-on for combustion engines.

Livermore, CA resident, David Jewell, owns a little-known "green" business that he believes is about to explode. Jewell launched National Vapor Industries, Inc. (NVI), several years ago to produce and market Vapor Generators - devices that create copious amounts of steam using a very efficient, patented bottled gas process recently enhanced with the addition of Hydrogen Generator output. Jewell has used Vapor Generators to clean up badly polluted soil, kill pernicious weeds and even power turbines. He is in negotiations with power companies overseas to use his Vapor Generators as a commercial means of producing electricity. These units also offer enormous potential as steam heating appliances.

Incorporated in Nevada, NVI presently uses Livermore, CA labor and vendors to manufacture, market and install its products, the latest of which, is the Hydrogen Generator, “A device whose time has come,” Jewell insists. The term Hydrogen Generator is something of a misnomer since the generator actually produces what scientists refer to as “brown's gas,” a mixture of hydrogen, oxygen and water vapor, made from plain old H2O using electrolysis, a process every child learns about in science class.

“It’s just insane that we are hung up on environment-killing oil company products when there are millions of cubic kilometers of non-polluting fuel everywhere around us,” Jewell said, “Water is the perfect energy source that just needs a little electricity to break it down into its constituent gases. We separate those gases and direct them into the intake system of combustion engines - truck, bus, car, you name it, where they combine again to produce energy.” As one may recall from elementary school, hydrogen and oxygen can be mixed harmlessly in a balloon. The gases can then be reconstituted into water using a spark or flame, producing energy with a deafening bang. Unlike carbon-based fuels, there is absolutely no pollution created when the two gases unite.

Jewell said the Hydrogen Generator is an add-on that supplements normal fuel, making any engine more efficient, improving power, increasing mileage and reducing toxic pollution. “The amount of improvement will vary depending upon engine displacement and other factors,” he said, “But anyone using the device can expect a dramatic improvement they can’t get even close to using any other product or additive.”

As for the electrolysis process itself, inventor Matt Schadeck, has applied what he calls an innovative, patented (published 11/09/2009) approach to NVI’s Hydrogen Generator in order to make it ultra efficient. “No one is doing electrolysis like we do it and our generator produces gases like you wouldn’t believe,” Schadeck said. He and Jewell are working with CAARB, The California Air Resources Board and the United States Department of Commerce to obtain approval and recognition for their invention.

Jewell said initial testing of NVI’s Hydrogen Generator occured in 2006 with several units installed in various vehicles from buses to pickup trucks and passenger cars. These test units proved their worth and NVI has already obtained the bar coding required to realize fleet sales and market to chain stores. “We haven’t forgotten retail customers, either," Jewell said, "Individuals can get a Hydrogen Generator distributor referral right off of our Website at www.nationalvapor.com/purchase.htm - these units are a real bargain when you consider the staggering cost of fuel and how much mileage a person can save.”

Hundreds of generator units have been sold and distributed all over the world and a large truck/heavy equipment model has been invented and produced that dramatically improves the effriciency of large engines like high capacity diesels that power long-haul trucks, maritime ferries and off-road construction equipment.

Jewell emailed California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger offering to provide demo Hydrogen Generators for testing on state vehicles. NVI has made a number of presentations to off-shore firms interested in licensing NVI's Hydrogen Generator technology. Several trucking firms have purchased heavy duty generators and are experiencing greatly improved mileage and reduced particulate emissions. Jewell is also looking for people to help market the devices and persons interested in a distribution and/or installation opportunity should call David Jewell - CEO, at (925) 980-7341 - Email: davidjewell1@comcast.net. For operations matters, contact Terry Rice, Operations Director, at (209) 768-4553 - Email: rterkat@sbcglobal.net


Last Updated: September 14, 2011